Sunday, September 5, 2010

Finally arrived..^-^


Finally I've arrived at home..
So tired yesterday after all days I was having shopping with Ammar Amminudin at Skudai Parade and Plaza Angsana.

Yeah,the first purpose is wanna buy all the clothes related to raya but..aha,I just manage to buy Baju's okay la..

Since the T-shirt and Jeans etc all are so expensive at the Big City,I choosed to buy at Mersing later..maybe more cheaper..

Hurm,as usual the holidays must be bored..I got two weeks long right??
But it's quite ok la since I was so tired at campus and hostel due to a lot of works,so this is the chances for me to get an enough rest..

Two result for midterm has been released..
So happy with my result so far..

Madkhal ila Fiqh Syariah Islamiah=100%
Tafsir Quran Ulumul Hadis=82.5%

This result is very ausome..Alhamdulillah for that..
I just hope to get the better result for another two subjects which are Law n Usul Fiqh..
These two subjects are very tough..If I pass the paper,it is more than enough for me..haha

Maybe people will say,
"Hey belajar utk mendapatkan ilmu lah,lillahitaala..bukan sebab exam.."

I never agree with that statement!
Finally,Ustazah Mina also has the same opinion with me..n she has told her opinion to all my classmate..
Eh,aq translate ke Bahasa Melayu je la dari Bahasa Arab..

"Belajar kerana Allah Taala itu penting,tapi Exam juga penting,mana mugkin orang yang belajar kerana Allah Taala akan menghasilkan result yg teruk..takkan lah org yg study kerana ilmu takle perform time exam..
So,orang yang belajar dan cemerlang dalam exam mesti dia dah study bersungguh2"


Yeah,maybe there will be a little bit disagree with that statement but actually it is right and no doubt about that..

That's all
Thank you..


E-ZuDiN said...

yeah man, why cant we belajar kerana Allah and score in exam too! you go amirul.. congratulation for such outstanding results! keep up the excellent work my bro!

amierul said...

Haha..thanks din..this is also because I choosed the course that I can carry..I feel good..haha...You too!!Always success!!