Sunday, June 26, 2011



I have finished reading this two books,

Mulia Dengan Manhaj Salaf

Just finished it because it is quite thick.Haha
Erm,I don't care what people want to say about this book,
or even what people want to say about myself,
I don't believe this book just like that,
But I believe what it has in its content.
I don't care if people say we don't have to follow Manhaj Salaf,
But,I want to follow it,so it's up to myself.
One more,I hate when people provoke something without knowing its true.

I have finished reading this book earlier than Manhaj Salaf's book.
Because this book I bought first.Haha.
I have to read because I need more clarification about what the hell bid'ah is and what the sunnah really is.
I don't care people to decide how bid'ah is.
For me,I have my own way.My own definition based on what I've learnt and read as well.
If my understanding wrong,it's ok because I will study more and read more.That's the main function of us as Shariah's student.
Don't worry.I have Imam Shatibis's book in my hand.
I will read after this.

The books still in the process of reading are

Syarah Aqidah Ahli Sunnah Waljamaah

This book is really thick.BELIEVE ME.
But,don't worry,Imams and ulama' at the past read many books to gain the knowledges,
So,I have to bear that in my mind.
I'm not a kind of alim or so called warak person,
But,I am to that journey.
I have to have knowledges.
Not just being an ustaz(kalau aq jadilah..hehe) without having the knowledges and just follow what other people said.I don't want to be like that.
Maybe in three weeks more,I will finishing reading this book.InshaAllah.

Syamail Muhammadiyah

Just be urself and follow what you think good is not enough.
I as muslim have to follow what our prophet has brought to us in this world.
Not just his teaching,but his characteristic also is sunnah for us to follow.
I believe this book taught me a lot.
Give a lot of hadis about rasulullah.
I knew a little bit already what is the characteristic of rasulullah.
Three weeks more,I will finishing reading this book.

U know what,
reading a book is hard for me
Syaitan always want to be along with me.LOL
They keep bothering me and ask me to sleep.Ouh Allah,please help me.
But,I believe.
"Membaca itu jambatan ilmu"
To gain knowledge we have to read.
Oh maybe some people will say,
"U cannot just read by your own,later on syaitan will be the third one.

Oh,don't worry.
I'm not kinda stupid like that.
I ask my teachers.
I ask my friends if I don't understand.
And if they don't understand as well,I will keep that questions and will adk later on to the people who know about it.
But so far Alhamdulillah,not much that I do not understand.Allah always guide me.

Just a simple post.
To share my activities at home other than just facebook.
I know how to divide my time.
But,maybe I have to reduce the usage of FB little bit?
Wait n c.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tip Pelajar Cemerlang..^-^(6-10)


Al-an hayya nuwasil anil kaifiyah kai nakunu insanul mutafawwiqun..

Tip Keenam

"Setiap hari carilah alasan untuk berubah secara positif"

Tip Ketujuh

"Di Dalam dunia ini,cuma kita berupaya mengubah diri kita"

Tip Kelapan

"Apabila kita berubah,semua org di sekeliling kita akan berubah seiring dengan perubahan kita"

Tip Kesembilan

"Setiap masalah berpunca dari kita sendiri.Kita yang perlu menyelesaikannya"

Tip Kesepuluh

"Segala kehebatan sudah sedia ada dalam diri kita.Sekadar menanti untuk diserlahkan"

Okke,sudah sampai sepuluh motivasi ni aq bagi,
Korang rasa cmne?
Dah rasa diri anda cemerlang?
if not yet,just wait for another 5 tips from me.
See ya..=)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tip Pelajar Cemerlang..^-^(1-5)


Al-an uridu an u'ti lakum alkaifiah alaina an nakuna al-insanul mutafawwiqun..

Tip Pertama,

"Tuhan mencipta kita dgn penuh kesempurnaan,
Bertindaklah dgn cemerlang"

Tip Kedua,

"Pelajar yang tdk berdisiplin semasa belajar besar kemungkinan tidak berdisiplin sepanjang hayat"

Tip Ketiga,

"Semua orang mahu berjaya ttp cuma segelintir yg berjaya kerana mereka berjaya mengawal nafsu dan emosi"

Tip Keempat,

"Kita mudah lupa apa yg kita dengar.
Kita sekadar tahu apa yg kita lihat.
Kita akan paham apa yg kita praktikkan."

Tip Kelima,

"Apabila kita belajardgn niat utk berkongsi ilmu ataupun mengajar org lain,kita akan dapat kefahaman dan daya ingatan luar biasa"

Cukuplah lima dahulu,
Next time I share lagi k!

Differences between Civil Law and Criminal Law

When is a legal problem criminal and when is it civil? What difference does it make whether it is criminal or civil?
One way of looking at criminal law is that it is dealing with something of public interest. For example, the public has an interest in seeing that people are protected from being robbed or assaulted. These are legal problems that fall into the criminal law.
Criminal law involves punishing and rehabilitating offenders, and protecting society. Since the public has an interest in having criminal law, we give the government the power to put it in place and enforce it. The police and Crown Prosecutors are hired by the government to put the criminal law into effect. Public funds are used to pay for these services.
If you are the victim of a crime, you report it to the police and they have the responsibility to investigate. They arrest and charge the suspect. In most cases, if a charge has been properly laid and if there is evidence supporting it, the Crown Prosecutor, not the person who complains of the incident, prosecutes it in the courts. This is called a system of public prosecutions. Long ago the person who had been wronged prosecuted the case. The power to prosecute privately remains, but is used rarely now. Even if a person starts a prosecution privately, the Attorney General has the power to take over the prosecution of the case. As a victim, you do not have to be responsible for enforcing the law. The police and Crown Prosecutor do their jobs for the public at large, not for you personally.
In a criminal case, the Crown prosecutor must prove the defendant’s guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt." This means that at the end of a trial the judge or jury can only find the defendant guilty if they are left without a reasonable doubt about the defendant’s guilt. In other words, there is no logical or rational reason to doubt the defendant’s guilt.
This is not the case in civil law. Civil law is about private disputes between individuals or between individuals and organizations. Civil matters include areas such as contract law, family law, tort law, property law and labour law. The person suing for a wrong has the burden of proving their case on a "balance of probabilities." This means that a judge or jury must believe their story and evidence more than the defendant’s version. They do not need to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.
Civil disputes usually involve some harm, loss or injury to one party or their property. Unlike criminal law; however, civil law is primarily involved with compensating victims. If a civil action is successful, the defendant will be responsible for the wrongful action. While a defendant in a criminal case may be found "guilty" or "not guilty," a defendant in a civil case is said to be "liable" or "not liable" for damages.
If you have a civil law problem, you have to take action yourself if you want to get a legal remedy. You can hire a private lawyer, and you will have to pay the expenses of pursuing the matter. For example, if you hire someone to paint your house and they do a poor job, it is a dispute between you and the painter. The police do not get involved. If you want to sue the painter for breach of contract, it is your responsibility to do so.
Sometimes criminal law is referred to as part of our public law because it applies to all Canadians and regulates relationships within our society. Similarly, civil law is sometimes referred to as private law because it regulates private relationships between individuals in our society.

All my friends,
(yg amik law la)

English Or Malay?You Choose Urself..=)


Good Evening,
Oh,yeah suddenly I just think to post something in English.LOL.
Oh,god..believe me English is hard!
We as Malay people we suppose to talk in Malay la kan,haha,write in Malay language too..huhu

Learning English language is good actually,
As we know nowadays,many people like to converse in English,even though that is not their mother tongue language,erm,so we have to learn so that we will not left behind.
As I want to be a lawyer,I have to master in English language.

I dont want to write in formal,
Yeah,actually I love English language,
I took Muet,and Alhamdulillah I got Band 4,which is hard for some of my friends to get that,
-But,Muet is not exactly indicator to see whether the student good in English or not-
Haha,some of my friends said like that,
But I admit somehow,because I'm not good in writing essay,as well read english article.
That two components is the most hardest I think,
I still cannot master them till now..=(

The just only one and the only I love about english is speaking skill,
Hahaha,converse in english such a nice thing,
I will feel more spiritual when talking to someone by using English language.LOL
BUT,if I just feel to miserable to think about the word that I want to speak and I dont know the words,I just speak in Malay..haha,
U know what,for me nak sampaikan makna apa yg kita nak cakap uh lagi penting..upps,,..Malay..gaga

InsyaAllah after this I will put more english post..haha.
See ya..

Monday, June 20, 2011


Kaifa Halukum Jami'an?
Haha,lastu atakallam billughatilarabiyah fi waqti tawil hinama al-an utlah..huhu,

Adeyh,berkarat2 gila la bahasa arab aq,
Aritu tergerak hati bukak balik buku usul fiqh kaler biru yg tebal uh(dak2 tsu tau la),
Kan sume lam B.Arab,pergh ternganga aq baca..haha,
Sumpah susah,ada yg lupa gak,
tulah manusia en,I mean aq,ilmu tak penah nak lekat,
Huh,belajar kerana exam la uh,(cliche)
Haha,pasni nak kena baca balik buku uh,banyak ilmu di dalamnya.
Tu muqoddimah je..hehe

Aq masih ingt lagi dulu,
Kat BTS 2.11 FKP,
Time uh aq ngn Mahfuz n others ngah tggu cikgu masuk,
So ntah pehal ntah lambat plak cikgu uh nak masuk,
So Mahfuz un pinjamla fon aq nak dgr lagu,
So dye bukak la lagu MAher zAin-InsyaAllah,
Dye bukak kuat la gak,so memandangkan nasyid aq un sempoi je la dye bukak kuat2..haha..Nasyid kan!~
So kiteorg tggu punye tggu cikgu tak dtg gak,
Tetibe part korus,
Ustaz R masuk..
Gelabah time uh,
masa uh Mahfuz tgh pas enpon kat aq,
Hurm apa lagi,

"kamu ni buat apa lah dengar lagu2 semua ni,boleh menggelapkan hati!!,kan bagus kalau kamu semua dgr alquran ke,hadis ke.."
Aq tergamam,even nasyid un dye strict about that,
"Tapi kalau kamu dah tak tahan sangat,mmg dah tak tahan,tak tahan,tak tahan..kamu dgr la slow2 bg diri kamu je,jgn bukak kuat2 lagu uh"

Erm,lebih kurg cm uh kot ayat ustaz R yg menegur aq n Mahfuz..huhu,
Ya Alah,mmg takutlah time uh,dye dahla garang,tgk mmg takut wei..haha,
So mmg kngkdg insaf la gak bb2 lagu ni,

Dalam kelas masa dye mengajar,dye selalu selitkan hukum dgr lagu ni,
Bagi nasihat jgn dgr lagu2 lagho,nnti gelap hati,
Aish,ada sampai satu tahap aq mmg terkesan ngn kata2 dye aq delete sume folder lagu lam enpon aq,
Malangnya,tak bertahan..
Aq tak cukup kuat..belom..tak mmpu,huhu..

Hari2 aq semakin leka bab2 lagu ni,
Tetibe ada sahabat yg prihatin menegur akan tindakan aq memasang lagu di blog ku ini,
Hurm,aq tahu siapa dye uh,
Btw,thanks 4 ur concern,
Thanks ingtkan aq..hehe,
Biasalah aq ni kan nakal cikit,
Kena igtkn selalu..hehe..

tu je la yg aq nk cite arini,
Semoga dapat manfaat bersama~

Friday, June 17, 2011



Alhamdulillah,syukur kehadrat illahi kerana dengan limpah kurnianya,dapat lagi aq mnghidup udara segar di luar sana,merasai dua nikmat terbesar iman dan islam.Alhamdulillah.

Petang tadi aq g sign penyata(keputusan exam) adik aq,
haha,wakil mak aq la..mak aq uh jaga adik aq kat umah,.
So aq la kena g..ingt nak jumpa cikgu2 lama,tapi tak berkesempatan plak,tader rezeki kot,
Tiga perkara ingin dikongsi,

1)Setiap petang kawasan kat Mersing ni mesti ujan,
kgkdg lebat kngkdg petang tadi la tetibe je ada puting beliung,aq tak sempat tgk life,tapi aq tgk kat video la ada budak2 kat c2 rakam,..pergh seram gakla..walaupun puting beliung uh berputar kat satu kawasan je,tapi still seram..huhu,
Aq cuba bayangkan cuba kalau beliung uh bergerak2 ke kawasan sekitar?perghh,mmg hancur la kawasan2 kat c2..
Buat pengetahuan sume,kat Mersing uh sepanjang2 jalan ada pantai sbb kedudukan dye lam peta en kat tepi skali,Laut China,sepanjang2 jalan uh gak la ada rumah2 org termasukla umah aq..huhu,
Kalau la beliung uh kuat,mmg rosakla umah sekitar,paling dahsyat kalau ada tsunami,pergh..takmo2..huhu
Kesimpulannya,kira aq mmg terkejut la sbb ingtkan Mersing ni jarang kena apa2 bencana,so sek bek Beliung uh tadi bukan bencana..huhu,Alhamdulillah,
Barangkali  peringatan dr Allah..^-^

2)Perihal adik aq ni,
alahai..result dye agak bad la walaupun kedudukan dye lam kelas un tgh2 je...huhu,
Cmne ek aq nak tlg dye?
Dye uh aq rasa pandai,tapi pemalas bebeno..
kngkdg aq soh baca buku dye pemalas,so wat lthn malas..aish,susahlah cmni,taknak la sampai akhir taon tak naik2 prestasi..adik mesti follow abg maa..huhu
Mak aq un satu,dye cam soh adik aq uh wat macam2 kat umah,sbb adik aq uh pompuan..hurm,okke je,tapi kngkdg cam tader ruang tok dye belajar ada gak...aish,sbb kngkdg time aq soh dye belajar yg dye malas uh mybe dye tader mood ke,aq pahamlah budak2 ni en,sbb dulu aq cm uh gak..bile dye ada mood time uh la mak aq soh wat macam2,kesimpulannya apa pun tadak,,huhu
Any suggestion to guide her better??

3)Tadi ada sorg ustazah kat sekolah uh approach aq,
menanya hal aq la bebagai,tapi tu bukan persoalannya,
yang aq pelik la,dye tdg labuh tapi stokin tak pakai,
Sbbnye aq tgk ustazah2 kat c2 ada yg tak pakai stokin gak,takkan sebab skul SMK dorg tak jaga aurat kot..hurm,
Sbbnye tu mgkin ustazah yg da 40-an kot umurnya,then aq usha sorg agy ustzh muda ni,sweet ja,tdg labuh,pakai handsock n kire baguslah..tapi jangan muda je beriya..da lama sikit kat skul uh tros tanggal sume...huhu,aq masih husnu zon ni..hehe
Jap2,ada lagi satu benda aq pelik,kngkdg en..sorg ni tudung bese je(tutup dada)tapi lengkp stokin n handsock,
sorng ni tdg labuh gile tapi stokin n handsock tak pakai,
Aish,aq musykil la dic2,
Napa ek??
Aq bab2 aurat ni mmg suka perhatikan n persoalkan..hehe,
Selamat Beramal

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Muet result has been released.
Kesian kat member2 aq yang tak lepas uh..huhu
Ntahla,dak2 laki TSU da la cikit,kalau dorg takle masuk FSU aq takle bayangkan dalam satu kuliah laki 6 org je..huhu,arghh boringnye kehidupan aq nnti..kalau pompuan ada un bukan le cakap sangat ngn pompuan..jaga ikhtilat katanya..hahaha
Takpala aq doakan yang terbaek je utk dorg..

Tu satu hal,lagi satu hal pasal result tamhidi ni,
Kejadah haram apa ntah dok tangguh2..
Dah bernanah dah segala kudis2 aq ni dok tggu,
Aish,aq nak isi scholar da la kena pakai CGPA,habis tergendala sume projek aq..huhu
Over je kau..haha

Berbalik pada Comel,
Pehal la tetibe aq nak post pasal Comel ni,
Ntahle..baru aq sedar dalam real life aq suka kata kat org Comel,
Bukan dr segi rupa je,tapi dr segala aspek la..
Tingkah laku,cara percakapan,cara pergaulan,mimik muka..etc,sampaikan aq bila2 masa n spontan je aq le cakap someone uh comel..haha

Sebenarnya,aq boring je dok umah..nak keja mak aq tak kasi,so dok on9 n baca buku je la..
Jadi aq un merindui la kawan2 aq yang tersayang uh..hehe
Kawan2 aq yang comel uh..

Dye yang comel uh

My Dear,
U have to know,although we will not be together again,
U r still my bestfren forever and I will not forget u..=)

Kepada sume sahabat2 ku,
Walaupun korg tak lepas masuk Fsu ke,
Ingat ini sume ujian dr Allah,
Allah nak tgk korg berputus asa ke tak,
Korg le cube lagi kalau ada rezeki,
N kalau tak maknanya reseki korg kat tempat lain,
mana2 tempat un korg le berjaya,
Asalkan kita semua berusaha bersungguh2,
Ingatlah Allah sentiasa bersama kita semua..=)