Friday, May 24, 2013

Think and Things!

Hi guys,

I think it has been so long I am not posting anything here. Poor my blog.
Since I have twitter, I felt it is easier for me to express everything there. U know what I mean right.
But suddenly, I miss to write in the blog tho.

Next week will be the last week of sem 4. I am still busy with all my activities and I felt that I neglect my study so much.
I don't know whether study week is enough for me to cover everything. Heu3.
I have so many things to story here since I am also just back from Penang for Penang Debate Open 2013.
But I will write in one specific post! 

Here I am into blogging again! InsyaAllah will be consistent :)

Muka aq memang muka banyak masalah en? haha.
Banyak benda nak pk doe.