Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Bro! Saengil Chukha Hamnida Dongsaeng! :)

I have decided to do this post exactly for you.
Happy Birthday my friend. :)
Since you are still not appear here in Usim we can't celebrate your birthday together. Me so sad :(

I really do not understand why you do like this to us. I mean even if you want to go forever at least do tell me. I am like suffering here without you. However I am still not sure whether u will go forever or not.Me absolutely hope not.

Can u imagine I want to live in Usim without you?
Who wants to be the first speaker in my team in debate?
Without you I have lost my spirit to debate..
Who wants to have midnight movie,playing bowling with me if not u?
Who wants to accompany me eating whenever i want to eat ?even though u not eat u still accompany me..where I want to find friend like you?
Who wants to gossip2 at kuliah with me if not u?
And many many more that I cant describe here.

I feel like to cry when having LSP without you.
I am totally lost my spirit.
I am such dont want to participate in class.have no mood and so on.
3 days at the back i kept thinking about you.
How can I live in this Usim for 4 years more without you?
Our memory together is so so much.
Go here and there together, do you think it is easy for me to forget you?
Allahu Akbar.
I dont know what to say pul.
Only Allah knows my feeling right now.
I feel so so sad :(
I have no exactly totally really friend other than you in kuliah.
I mean you are the one who has many common interest with me.

Lastly I just hope in this mean time AT LEAST you reply my message and pick up my call.I promise I wont tell anybody.
And I really hope as well to meet u next sem!

Our memory together as faci!

Our team for Royals right? ;)

We were classmate in TSU 4

We went watching movie together


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hari Ini Aq Ditimpa Musibah;Ikhlaskah Aq Dalam Menuntut Ilmu?


Indeed,kata2 ni sangat betul.Maka aq harus bersabar! :)

Kan?Sekali sekala ditimpa masalah macam ni ubat dye sabar jelah.Take it as lesson! :)

Segalanya tertakluk pada Qada' dan Qadar Allah.Kenapa harus aq bersedih bukan?Pasti ada hikmah :)

Paling penting dalam segala amalan kena ikhlas kan?Huhu.Ingt Mirul! 

Maka aq harus bersabar.Redha.Banyak Berdoa.Bertawakkal.:)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Give up.Should I?


You know what, it is really hard for me when it comes to deal with my own feeling.
The big problem is I always "cepat terasa" in whatever condition, even in the simple matter.
Worst come to worst when I feel so down and lost my spirit to study after that.

That's one thing.I afraid the consequences after that.Like in my class since this new sem some of the students from BLB2(Last sem) entered to my class,the condition in my class became different.I hate when it comes to my presentation people don't laugh anymore, seems they feel bored with my presentation or I don't know what.Am I to formal?
I don't know.U know what,when I speak in front of class I feel like I speak to batu.When my presentation over,yah it is over.Just like that.Oh I really don't like that.Huhu

It just like I don't get support from my own classmate.huhu.Although it looks like simple matter,but for me it is like a big prob for me.Entahlah.Sometimes I just want to let it be.Maybe it is just not more than a feeling.
The effect after this I think that my presentation is really bad because people feel like don't happy with me,thus my marks will be really2 low.Oh.-presentation arab n business- :(

Am I will be really2 not success this sem?
Entahlah.I just hope that I still be able to continue my study.
Need at least one people that can really give me support.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aku tetap aku:(


Sejak dari mula masuk USIM aku berasa keseorangan.Entah kenapa,kawan-kawan ada je disekeliling namun makna 'kawan' sebenar uh macam..entah,I just feel alone.

Disebabkan bilangan lelaki sedikit aq banyak kawan dengan perempuan.
Tapi tulah,ustaz aq bnyk kali dah pesan,hati-hati kawan dengan perempuan,banyak fitnah.
Namun aq seakan membiarkan nasihat itu,bergalak dengan perempuan as what my nature is.

Disebabkan itu,kngkdg aq close ngn perempuan kengkadang aq gaduh.
U know what,man cannot be woman and vice versa.
Lelaki takkan mudah memahami perempuan begitu juga perempuan takkan mudah memahami lelaki.
Yep,lagi2 dalam persahabatan,sedikit kata2 kita pun boleh disalah tafsir insan yang berlainan jenis ni.huu.

That's why I need my own woman.
Wife.Peneman hidup.Yang mampu memahami perasaan aku.Yang boleh aq luahkan perasaan aq.
Waktunya belum tiba kan.
Maka bersabarlah Amirul
Allah sentiasa boleh dengar luahan hati dan perasaan kau.
Kau selalu ke luah kat Allah?Jarang kan.Makanya bertindaklah segera.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Continuation of Life :)


Alhamdulillah I still can breathe today.
A lot of grateful to Allah.

Hi guys,
Hi my blog,
Long time not updated this beloved blog.Maybe with the presence of Twitter as well I was too busy make me forget u.Sorry so much ya.Hee,

Whatever it is,life still has to be continued right even we are happy or sad and if we want to have a smooth and good life,whatever things come to us face it with a smile:)
It is not hard.Hear hear.

Already 20 days from my birthday.Today 28 Feb.My birth was 8 Feb.
Many thanks to all English Debater because made surprised for my birthday and especially to Miss Afzan.Really appreciated it:)

I'm dewasa now.Cewah.Can I marry?#lol
Hah,just ignore what i said.
Dah 20 ni aq nak jadi happy2 je.Hee.
Tak mo tension2.
InsyaAllah lepas ni aq rajin update belog.
Oh lupa,tahniah jugak pada diri kau sebab 3 kali dah utk 3 sem Dekan.
Kau tahu potensi diri kau,kau bukan bersaeng dengan org lain.Asalkan kau lepas apa yang kau target sudah~~..haha

Here some pictures;

(My Cake)



(Miss wanna kill me!erk)

(Miss cutting the cake)

(Alamak,terkantoi pulak Nichkhun datang birthday aq.hahaha,)

p/s:Dah 20 ni,rasa nak make some change.Nak cutting hair jadi different boleh??;p