Sunday, June 26, 2011



I have finished reading this two books,

Mulia Dengan Manhaj Salaf

Just finished it because it is quite thick.Haha
Erm,I don't care what people want to say about this book,
or even what people want to say about myself,
I don't believe this book just like that,
But I believe what it has in its content.
I don't care if people say we don't have to follow Manhaj Salaf,
But,I want to follow it,so it's up to myself.
One more,I hate when people provoke something without knowing its true.

I have finished reading this book earlier than Manhaj Salaf's book.
Because this book I bought first.Haha.
I have to read because I need more clarification about what the hell bid'ah is and what the sunnah really is.
I don't care people to decide how bid'ah is.
For me,I have my own way.My own definition based on what I've learnt and read as well.
If my understanding wrong,it's ok because I will study more and read more.That's the main function of us as Shariah's student.
Don't worry.I have Imam Shatibis's book in my hand.
I will read after this.

The books still in the process of reading are

Syarah Aqidah Ahli Sunnah Waljamaah

This book is really thick.BELIEVE ME.
But,don't worry,Imams and ulama' at the past read many books to gain the knowledges,
So,I have to bear that in my mind.
I'm not a kind of alim or so called warak person,
But,I am to that journey.
I have to have knowledges.
Not just being an ustaz(kalau aq jadilah..hehe) without having the knowledges and just follow what other people said.I don't want to be like that.
Maybe in three weeks more,I will finishing reading this book.InshaAllah.

Syamail Muhammadiyah

Just be urself and follow what you think good is not enough.
I as muslim have to follow what our prophet has brought to us in this world.
Not just his teaching,but his characteristic also is sunnah for us to follow.
I believe this book taught me a lot.
Give a lot of hadis about rasulullah.
I knew a little bit already what is the characteristic of rasulullah.
Three weeks more,I will finishing reading this book.

U know what,
reading a book is hard for me
Syaitan always want to be along with me.LOL
They keep bothering me and ask me to sleep.Ouh Allah,please help me.
But,I believe.
"Membaca itu jambatan ilmu"
To gain knowledge we have to read.
Oh maybe some people will say,
"U cannot just read by your own,later on syaitan will be the third one.

Oh,don't worry.
I'm not kinda stupid like that.
I ask my teachers.
I ask my friends if I don't understand.
And if they don't understand as well,I will keep that questions and will adk later on to the people who know about it.
But so far Alhamdulillah,not much that I do not understand.Allah always guide me.

Just a simple post.
To share my activities at home other than just facebook.
I know how to divide my time.
But,maybe I have to reduce the usage of FB little bit?
Wait n c.


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