Wednesday, June 22, 2011

English Or Malay?You Choose Urself..=)


Good Evening,
Oh,yeah suddenly I just think to post something in English.LOL.
Oh,god..believe me English is hard!
We as Malay people we suppose to talk in Malay la kan,haha,write in Malay language too..huhu

Learning English language is good actually,
As we know nowadays,many people like to converse in English,even though that is not their mother tongue language,erm,so we have to learn so that we will not left behind.
As I want to be a lawyer,I have to master in English language.

I dont want to write in formal,
Yeah,actually I love English language,
I took Muet,and Alhamdulillah I got Band 4,which is hard for some of my friends to get that,
-But,Muet is not exactly indicator to see whether the student good in English or not-
Haha,some of my friends said like that,
But I admit somehow,because I'm not good in writing essay,as well read english article.
That two components is the most hardest I think,
I still cannot master them till now..=(

The just only one and the only I love about english is speaking skill,
Hahaha,converse in english such a nice thing,
I will feel more spiritual when talking to someone by using English language.LOL
BUT,if I just feel to miserable to think about the word that I want to speak and I dont know the words,I just speak in Malay..haha,
U know what,for me nak sampaikan makna apa yg kita nak cakap uh lagi penting..upps,,..Malay..gaga

InsyaAllah after this I will put more english post..haha.
See ya..


Shyra. said...

debaters mesti la terer english!

amierul said...

Haha,jap debater cakap english en?Tu je la yg saya suka,haha..tulis lam eng tak minat sgt,..LOL