Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whatever looser!!...I hate being discriminated...


Mood:Sangat teruk.

I dont know how to explain this.
Since the first time I joining this 'thing',I feel something wrong in my heart.
My decision does not follow what my heart say.

I hate being discriminated!!
I hate when I can't speak to make some joke!!
I hate when people not agree with my idea!!
I hate.

When this 'thing' going to finish,it still give bad effect to me.
I hate today when we all 'together' go to this mall.
Whatever looser!!
Kau nak menang??amik!!
Kau nak tarik perhatian sume orang??amik!!


I really dont want to tell everything here.
I already hate all this
To Royale debate n English debate,I dont know either I will still go with this debate.
I really cant stand with all these anymore.
Hope Allah give me strength.

I am so happy if ada Kak Zawani,Kak Fatin,Kak Anisah n Kak Anis.
They make my life in debate become okke.
Whatever looser,
Aq mau keluar dulu.
Nanti update lain okke,

Aq mmg tak suka moody2 ni.
Harap2 mood aq okke.

p/s:Aq mmg perlukan korng kawan2 lama ku...We had best memory together.
Post ini tiada kaitan ngn sesape.Kalau salah tafsir jgn salahkan aq.


Tyra Hanim said...


bosan eah dengan aku?

amierul said...

Hahaha..pape je kau tyra...hehe