Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Continuation of Life :)


Alhamdulillah I still can breathe today.
A lot of grateful to Allah.

Hi guys,
Hi my blog,
Long time not updated this beloved blog.Maybe with the presence of Twitter as well I was too busy make me forget u.Sorry so much ya.Hee,

Whatever it is,life still has to be continued right even we are happy or sad and if we want to have a smooth and good life,whatever things come to us face it with a smile:)
It is not hard.Hear hear.

Already 20 days from my birthday.Today 28 Feb.My birth was 8 Feb.
Many thanks to all English Debater because made surprised for my birthday and especially to Miss Afzan.Really appreciated it:)

I'm dewasa now.Cewah.Can I marry?#lol
Hah,just ignore what i said.
Dah 20 ni aq nak jadi happy2 je.Hee.
Tak mo tension2.
InsyaAllah lepas ni aq rajin update belog.
Oh lupa,tahniah jugak pada diri kau sebab 3 kali dah utk 3 sem Dekan.
Kau tahu potensi diri kau,kau bukan bersaeng dengan org lain.Asalkan kau lepas apa yang kau target sudah~~..haha

Here some pictures;

(My Cake)



(Miss wanna kill me!erk)

(Miss cutting the cake)

(Alamak,terkantoi pulak Nichkhun datang birthday aq.hahaha,)

p/s:Dah 20 ni,rasa nak make some change.Nak cutting hair jadi different boleh??;p

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