Thursday, July 7, 2011

My new interest,,hihi,,^-^


U know what,
before this I am quite not attracted  to watch football match.
I prefer to watch Badminton,Takraw,or Tennis.
But lately this I suddenly changed myself.
Am I dreaming?
I started to watch Bola.
Haha,who cares what people want to say to me.
Before this at hostel I don't want to get involve to watch football match Liga Super,Liga Perdana etc..because I don't want to bother my time to study beside I also need enough rest and sleep so that I can be better in the next morning.That's why I such don't care at all about football.(Tapi lam hati ni rasa gak nak tgk,pelik gak tgk org jerit reramai..hoho,best sgt ke??)

Yep,is that really enjoying when we watch football?
I will definitely say YES!!
Maybe we think that,
(apa kejadah la dorg uh kejar2 bola yg satu,apa yg best sgt tau tgk bola ni)
U won't know before u watch it.Haha

I really2 started watching 90++ mins of game during "Fiesta Bola Merdeka"
Sorry,I can't remember on that time Malaysia against who,
But on that time,
I really feel that,oh yeah,
BEST gilak tgk bola ni!!
Feeling seyh,
Because of what,
We will see the techniques being used by players,
We see how they paly with strategy,
and the most imprtant is that how Malaysian's Players play with all determination to proud Malaysia in the arena of football.To win that match.That's what I like most.
Skunk ni tgh hangat cite pasal Kelayakan Piala Dunia.
I have the opportunity to watch Malaysia vs Lubnan
Yeah,Malaysia won 2-1

Malaysia vs Chinese Taipei(1)
Malaysia won 2-1
Hoho,It was very entertaining one..Malaysia lead dulu weyh Aidil Zafuan n another player I can't remember...and suddenly Malaysia bolos..TPE got one goal.haha
Memang mendebarkan la malam uh.Tapi malam uh aq tgk ngn bapak sopan je la.hihi

Malaysia vs Chinese Taipei(2)
Malaysia lost 2-3
Hoho,ni lagila mendebarkan.
Aq tgk player TPE uh asyik menyerang je mula2.
Memang seram
Then min 7,
Malaysia dapat free kick,
Aidil Zafuan(player 7)
GOAL weyh!!
Haha,aq rasa malam uh mmg tuah dye tol la.
3 JULAI besday dye,
Minit ke 7 dye tendang,
Dia pakai baju no 7.hoho.
Ni aq respect gila la!
Free kick jauh gakla,le goal seyh.hoho.

Second goal
Ketua pasukan Safiq Rahim kasi goal,
Goal smart gak ar.
Bole tahan,
Thanks kasi Malaysia gol.

Tapi..paling aq respect penjaga gol Malaysia la.
Smart seyh dye jaga gawang
Walaupun Malaysia bolos 3 gol,
Tapi aq percaya bnyak bukan dr mistake dye sendiri.
Malah ada tendgn penalti yg ke 2 dr TPE,dye berjaya tahan wei!!
SOlute ah..hihi.

(Penjaga gol terbaek!!)

Pape un Malaysia layak ke pusingan ke 2,
Tahniah Malaysia!!
Sayang Malaysia!

Just to share my new interest,
Sorry la because I mixed Malay n English words.
Haha,Excited enough.
So don't forget to watch Malaysia vs Singapore this 23rd of JULY!!
Really can't wait for that,hihi.

p/s:Dalam tak sedar masa aq tgk bola,aq un menjerit2!!..haha,best upenya..=)


Anonymous said...

comel gile mirul.haha
tengok mlysia kalahkan liverpool,chelsea n arsenal skali.haha

amierul said... dah tau sapa stalker aq ni.hahaha..tu lah tak sabar aq nak tgk sume uh..hihi..:p