Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Oh yeah,
I've emailed to my teacher regarding the result matter 3 days ago,
and two days ago this is what she replied.
O my Allah,
U realised what?
It might be today or tomorrow.
It makes me nervous.If it might be released today,so just a couple hours perhaps I can get my result.Ngee~
Yeah,since the tragedy of 6 June,where all Tamhidis' Students were so eager to get their result,and suddenly that date just a fake date,hahaa..there were many sarcatisms sentences that came out from tamhidi's page in Facebook.
For example,

"Ha,ni lah yang buat aq sayang lagi USIM ni,suka tangguh keputusan kan"

"Usim terbaik lah~!!"
"I love you USIM"

And many more.
I don't want to write it here.hehe

Many people say that we have to study for Allah.Even the picture at the above also stated it like that.
However in defining study for Allah,I remembered what my Ustaz and my Ustazah told during class,

"Kamu kalau belajar Syariah,belajar agama ni mmg wajib belajar kerana Allah,sbb ni ilmu kamu belajar sumbernye dr Allah dan Rasul.Kamu tak boleh belajar syariah sbb nak dapat kerja,pangkat,wang banyak2 etc.Kalaupun pelajar2 sains,medik,akaun etc yg nak belajar untuk cari pekerjaan,itu terpulang kepada mereka,sbb memang mmg mereka belajar utk itu pun"

But,maybe some of sciences student would say that,
"Hey,we also study for Allah,we also want to help the society based on Islam ways and that back to Allah too"
Okke,I would say that it's okke if u want to say like that,just the reality u learn about math for example is doesn't has relationship with Syariat Allah,maybe at the end of ur study,the purpose u want to help the society is the way to show that u study for Allah.

"Kalau kamu belajar kerana Allah,mesti kamu akan memperoleh pointer yang bagus sebb kamu mengulangkaji,kamu tunaikan tanggungjawab kamu sebagai seorg pelajar.Mana mungkin kalau kamu belajar kerana Allah,result kamu teruk,kalau begitu kamu seolah2 tidak belajar.
Namun tidak dapat dinafikan,ada pelajar yang belajar kerana exam,still boleh cemerlang.Tapi itu terpulang kepada mereka.Yang penting,kalau kamu belajar kerana Allah,kamu mesti boleh berjaya."

I have changed little bit the sentences from my Ustaz n Ustazah  because I can't remember it well.
But,that is how I stand with the definition of  study for Allah.

I study Syariah and Law.
So,syariah is subject related to ad-deen and law is related to life which control by human.
So regarding with this two subjects,InsyaAllah I learn both for Allah.
But,in term of examination,I have to differentiate those two subjects into exam matter.
Because I BELIEVE examination is the yardstick on how many percents that we understand about what we learn.So,if I talking about examination matter,I want to get A,or I think I will get B about certain subjects,please don't exactly judge me that I just study for exam only.Because I BELIEVE,everyone who called as student in Malaysia have to sit for examination.huhu

Being a top student is easy.
But to maintain it is very hard.
People always say to me,
"Alah amirul,ko mesti malam2 baca buku en"
"Ko mesti da pulun abis2 en tok exam kali ni"
"Ko mesti dapatnye la 4lat"
"Alah dak deanlist bolehla"

Somehow,I just accept that words as praise but sometime it also make me feel afraid.
U know why,because I don't study much during each night,
I just playing scrabble.
I just on9.
I just go to my friend's room and have fun there.
I just study whenever there has the homework to do.
Hurm,when people say that I always study so I feel afraid because actually I'm not study and I think it might effect my result.
But I still BELIEVE in myself.
I have my own way to study.
I don''t have to get effected by others if  they are so study hard every night,hehe
Takyah la nak serabut2 study gak padahal malam uh kau da penat,malam uh kau tader mood,malam uh ko tension,sbb tgk org lain study.Tak gune!huhu

Tak best en bile jadi top student tapi core subjects ko tak kuasai.
Aq agak hampeh dalam LAw.
Aq agak kurang paham dalam LAw.
Tu yang merisaukan aq.
Kalau aq still tak dapat A dalam LAw,
Aq tak tahu nak kata apa dah.
Lagi2 sem 2 ni ada 2 subjek LAw.
Pape un doakan aq.
See ya~

p/s:Teringat kenangan sem 1..


Mira Amran said...

kau nak neves. boleh blaa a. hahaha.

amierul said...

hahahahahahahahah.asal ko tak nebes ke?tahu ar hebat.ko mesti senyum je en bile dpt result nnti.haha