Sunday, January 16, 2011

This weekend really gives me a peaceful life..=)


I don't know why lately this I'm so happy n feel quite okke compared to last week n I thank to Allah for that.
Yep.When I becoming rarely hear english n malay songs,I feel so calm.
Maybe this is the best for me.
Al-Quran,Hadis n Nasyeed are the best one to hear.

Starting this new year I have left far away that stupid thing that I have done a long time ago.
I hope that I will keep maintaining with my 'azam' n faith so that I will becoming a true muslim,a true mukmin,a true syariah student n a true son for my parents.

When I think about my future,I become speechless.
I don't know what path should I take.
Alhamdulillah,I already got band 4 for Muet n I have big chance to take Syariah n Law at Usim for my degree,but I'm quite not sure about this.
Should I take Fiqh Fatwa??
Haha,I will laugh when think about this.

Fiqh Fatwa.
I wanna be an ustaz??
Haha,can I??
We will look in the future.
I just hope that Allah will give the right path for me.

It is all about' niat'
I hope my 'niat' is right.
May Allah will always be with me n help me..


HUMAIRA' said...

buat solat istikarah dulu , moga Allah memberi petunjuk yang lebih baik :)

this is the best way for you !

amierul said...

Urm..InsyaAllah..i will..huhu..thanks..=)