Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It is great..Alhamdulillah..=)


Congrates to those who don't have to repeat again their MUET for the entrance to FSU this coming September..
Before this,we always to think to get Band 4 so that we will be able to enter Syariah n Undang-Undang right,so after this who got Band 3 AND their English subject for SPM got A- also still can enter Sarjana Muda Syariah n Undang-Undang

For those who got Band 3 but not got A- for English during SPM still have to repeat their MUET n have to get Band 4..quite don't be sad!!
Look forward in yourself and belief that u can get that Band 4 and even more!!

My advice is:
"It is ok for the first time you dont get band 4,but please do learn from mistake,
You are not stupid if you make mistake for the first time but you are stupid enough if you repeat the same mistakes again n again n again..huhu,
So please,if you have to repeat this MUET again,do ur best,stay focus n strive hard for your goal.
It is useless if you repeat so many times but you dont learn from mistakes..huhu"

So,I hope many my friends can enter Fsu next year!!

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