Friday, April 20, 2012

Give up.Should I?


You know what, it is really hard for me when it comes to deal with my own feeling.
The big problem is I always "cepat terasa" in whatever condition, even in the simple matter.
Worst come to worst when I feel so down and lost my spirit to study after that.

That's one thing.I afraid the consequences after that.Like in my class since this new sem some of the students from BLB2(Last sem) entered to my class,the condition in my class became different.I hate when it comes to my presentation people don't laugh anymore, seems they feel bored with my presentation or I don't know what.Am I to formal?
I don't know.U know what,when I speak in front of class I feel like I speak to batu.When my presentation over,yah it is over.Just like that.Oh I really don't like that.Huhu

It just like I don't get support from my own classmate.huhu.Although it looks like simple matter,but for me it is like a big prob for me.Entahlah.Sometimes I just want to let it be.Maybe it is just not more than a feeling.
The effect after this I think that my presentation is really bad because people feel like don't happy with me,thus my marks will be really2 low.Oh.-presentation arab n business- :(

Am I will be really2 not success this sem?
Entahlah.I just hope that I still be able to continue my study.
Need at least one people that can really give me support.


Anonymous said...

sbb ada yang menyampah dan itu kerana perbuatan ko sendiri

amierul said...

I dont need person like you.The one who try to keep make me down.dont ever read my blog again.coward

Anonymous said...

Just don't think too much about that. Come on n get up.
It is only your feeling maybe. Marks is not depend on how much people laugh and how.. what so ever. It is about your points and skills. Lecturers know better than your friends.
one more thing, don't think that you present becoz of the marks, think that you want to present today becoz you want to give informations to your friends and insyaAllah they will enjoy it.

You will keep dissatisfying with ur presentations if you only want to get highest marks. Intention is crucial here. k.

*Marks is not everything.. ok?

amierul said...

Oh thanks.I just read the second comments.Really helpful :)