Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Life..

In The Name of Allah,The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful..

It was so long for me not update this blog,
Yeah suddenly I think wanna have post in English..

Doesn't matter if my grammar is wrong or not as long I try to write in English..hehe
Actually,Muet is getting so near..I am so scared right now,but actually not many things I study about Muet,however in speaking test I got lower band excited..hehe

"U are so lazy Amierul..hehe"

Yes,right now I am at Usim so lazy,
I dont know why,
After the lecture or class had finished,I was not read it back,
I was not refresh it back,
Oh god,right now,there are so many things I have to cover.

Next week I will get the result for subject Fiqh,Quran sunnah n Law maybe,
I hope I will get the excellent result..


Hak2..sangat kantoi lam writing,
Post atas uh nak test je..

Nak out,
Tader Idea..

p/s:Tetiba rindu Kisas n sume membe aq..


Safwan said...

haha taw la die tu bkak tuition english. huu

E-ZuDiN said...

good luck for ur test!!

amierul said...

Wan..Huhu..tuition english khas tok dak grup aq..dak gempak cam ko tak layak aq nak ajo..hehe
Din..Thanks u..miss u a lot!!